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Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash


Music Centric Teen Dramedy


Tweens/Teens, 18-24, Families


He had everything...

 but what he needed most.


When self-absorbed pop star Jake Madsen’s record label forces him to collaborate with a viral social media influencer and her dying brother in small town Oklahoma, he learns there’s a lot more to life than fast cars, hot girls, and all the money, fame, and power you could ever dream of.



A STAR IS BORN for teens.

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash


Pop star Jake Madsen (23) rose to fame with the help of older brother and manager, Tyler (26). Adoring fans, parties, women, limitless funds and fast cars are his world. His life seems perfect. Except that… his out of control behavior and the bad press it attracts has him in trouble with his record label.


Enter Luke: A musically talented boy fighting cancer with the help of older sister Lizzy (23). But Luke’s not your ordinary 12 year old. Even with all the tough stuff he’s going through, Luke’s full of hope and optimism and completely unafraid of death. I told you he wasn’t ordinary. Luke’s hero? Jake Madsen. But when Luke shows up to his concert courtesy of Make-A-Wish, Jake’s antics leave Luke heading back home, wish unfulfilled.


Enter Mari Perez: Host of the entertainment news show Inside Hollywood, Mari exposes Jake’s selfish behavior on national TV, sparking fan backlash for Jake that catapults Lizzy and Luke to social media fame as they try to raise money to pay off Luke’s hospital bills.


BUT the music execs have a plan to repair Jake’s image: A collab with Lizzy and Luke. Jake isn’t happy about having to hunker down at their humble home in the boonies of Oklahoma. He and Lizzy clash from the get-go. He and Luke on the other hand, hit it off instantly when Jake pulls out his Oculus game console, much to Lizzy’s dismay. But Jake’s brother, Tyler, has eyes for spitfire Lizzy and love slowly brews. After a few bumps in the road, they all find common ground and collaborate on a killer song.


Meanwhile, gossip TV show host Mari Perez hunts Jake down for the lure of a juicy story that will boost her ratings. Adding to the mayhem, Luke is rushed to the hospital where they discover his cancer has returned with a vengeance. And when Lizzy sees Mari’s interview full of lies about Jake, she sends the boys packing, Tyler quits as Jake’s manager, the label drops him, and it seems as if Jake’s life is over.


But when Luke’s condition takes a turn for the worse, they must come together and be there…for him, and for each other.


Photo by Hugo L. Casanova on Unsplash

Photo by Hugo L. Casanova on Unsplash


The You and I song around which the story of this film is based, was written  by Dallas Hart and a few of his musician friends during the COVID lockdown in 2020 as an appeal to a world full of isolated people to join together (even if only in song) to make the world a better place.

It has always been our heart for the song to generate funds for charitable causes. And this continues to be our focus.

You and I has the potential to rise up as a modern day We Are The World phenomenon, which literally raised millions for charity. And with the proper PR/Marketing, this song could well accomplish the same.

We would wish for profits from the song to be shared with charitable organization(s) with whom we would partner. And we believe that, in turn, the right partnership(s) would bring its/their own level of following and promotion for the film AND the music.


Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash

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  Sheila Hart

Sheila Hart is an award winning writer/producer/director. Under the Believe Entertainment banner, Sheila co-produced the film UNPLANNED (2019) and produced their most recent release, NEFARIOUS (2023). She is also an award-winning VO artist whose voice has been linked with brands like Walmart, Nickelodeon Resorts, and Sea World. Ms. Hart is currently preparing to release the first novel in her medieval fantasy adventure trilogy: JOURNEY TO ABADDON.


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Dallas is a multi-hyphenate talent: Actor-Musician-Writer-Producer. He plays the role of LEO CRUZ in the Netflix original series GREENHOUSE ACADEMY. You'll find his music on Spotify, and he stars in the upcoming western, FIVE OUTLAWS AND A SADDLEBAG. He performed in and produced the film AMP HOUSE. Watch for his latest film PERIPHERAL coming soon.

Let's tell stories together...

  Sheila Hart

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